7 is the new 6, Writing with Abandon, and Baked French Toast

Hello My Dear Readers!  I can’t believe it’s been nearly a month since I wrote a blog post.  I guess I feel obligated to toss you a recipe when I write to you, since this whole mess started as a cooking & dining review blog, and there has not been a lot of cooking going on up in the wee tree house apartment of late.  I have had other fish to fry (pun intended), hence my long silence.  Maybe you’ve enjoyed my relative silence.  Well, too bad – it’s over! Last night I discovered there was a time change afoot … Continue reading 7 is the new 6, Writing with Abandon, and Baked French Toast

Ramblings of a Sick Woman

Hello Blogosphere!  My goodness, I have been wanting to write to you about so many things over these last weeks and just haven’t had the time.  The powers of the universe have now granted me the time to catch up with you, but I had to get a nasty little head cold to get the time off.  In fact, yesterday was spent working at home with a stack of paperwork from the store and the use of a remote access program to tap into the store computer from home.  I got a lot done despite the pile of Kleenex.  Today, … Continue reading Ramblings of a Sick Woman

Why yes, I am available. Have a cookie.

So here’s the truth about me:  I have been unattached, single, without a significant other, on my own – however you want to say it – for over three years now.  I have had exactly zero dates in that time.  No dates, no booty calls, no nothing.  I wasn’t looking, either.  Truthfully, I needed that time to get my act together and get comfortable with me. I just want to go on the record and say that, yes, I am available.  If anyone was thinking that I might be married to or involved with the man who owns the business … Continue reading Why yes, I am available. Have a cookie.