Ramblings of a Sick Woman

Hello Blogosphere!  My goodness, I have been wanting to write to you about so many things over these last weeks and just haven’t had the time.  The powers of the universe have now granted me the time to catch up with you, but I had to get a nasty little head cold to get the time off.  In fact, yesterday was spent working at home with a stack of paperwork from the store and the use of a remote access program to tap into the store computer from home.  I got a lot done despite the pile of Kleenex.  Today, … Continue reading Ramblings of a Sick Woman

Tale of a Spoon – and an awesome pasta salad

Hello Dear Readers, Moving sucks.  That was the title of my last blog post.  I could probably say “‘nuff said” and that would be sufficient to describe my past two weeks to you.  But when have I ever let you off that easy?  So sorry, but I have more to say.  It was finally over Friday night at about 8:30pm.  By “over” I mean that there was nothing left to move.  This does not speak to the state of disarray that encompasses the new apartment; that will be addressed as frustration over not having something trumps exhaustion one box at … Continue reading Tale of a Spoon – and an awesome pasta salad

“Moving Sucks” Emergency BonBons

Day 11 of moving, now down to one more room to clear – the office/craft room. What has interfered with me just simply getting it done, you ask? Work has interfered, weather has interfered, having too much stuff despite two garage sales has interfered, running out of tape to assemble boxes has interfered, and being exhausted and unable to carry one more freaking box up the stairs in 100 degree heat has interfered. Let’s just put it out there, shall we? If I was married, I would be moved. I had men to help move the furniture, but I don’t … Continue reading “Moving Sucks” Emergency BonBons

The End of Everything: Cold Thai Beef Noodles

I am moving into a very small apartment to downsize my budget and amass more cash to fund my future Indy novel and whatever travels I may choose to embark upon.  I am calling this coming week “moving week” as I am picking up keys on Monday, cleaning, painting, and installing flooring in the kitchen of the new apartment for the next few days, then next weekend moving the furniture while the men I know are available.  Then I have another five days to deal with the little stuff on my own.  So far I packed three boxes of books.  … Continue reading The End of Everything: Cold Thai Beef Noodles

Sunny Side Up

Hello Dear Readers!  I apologize for my long silence.  I was apartment hunting as my house is finally sold and I now have to get the f#@& out of here.  The long wait is over and time is now short.  If you care to know more about my house situation, read this.  If not, no worries.  There are no rules out here in cyberspace – you can do as you please (and I really dig that, don’t you?). Since my budget is so puny (hence the need to sell my house), I started at the bottom rung of the lists … Continue reading Sunny Side Up

A Quickie: My Sentiments, Exactly!

If you are good at your job, a true professional, and have earned the respect of your peers through sweat equity, then you will totally appreciate this video from Huffington Post.  Especially if you have ever had someone who is not in your industry attempt to critique your work. Mario Batali tells why he left the show “Iron Chef” and he doesn’t hold back. The laugh is on me.  Happy Wednesday! Continue reading A Quickie: My Sentiments, Exactly!

Memorial Day: When You Live at the Beach…

As the family and friends of people I know descend upon our fair seaside city for the Memorial Day weekend, I find myself pondering holidays past.  I don’t have any plans this weekend, and I don’t have any guests coming for the first time in all the years that I have lived here.  I feel a little left out.  I used to look forward to these holiday weekends with friends and family, planning special meals, tidying the guest rooms, and anticipating the fellowship we would enjoy together.  Then the guests would arrive. What can I say?  It always sounded better … Continue reading Memorial Day: When You Live at the Beach…