Passata My Ass – and a great Pomodoro Sauce

Have I mentioned before what a pain it is to be a food snob?  Working around the food business, owning and now managing a gourmet shop, and eating some seriously good food from New York City to Las Vegas and right here at home has turned me into a snob with a low tolerance for crappy food.  I have an even lower tolerance for people putting their mugs in front of TV cameras and acting as if they know something when they don’t.  I found a fellow blogger who has a seriously hard time with this food TV explosion we … Continue reading Passata My Ass – and a great Pomodoro Sauce

Peace and Ponzu Pork Tenderloin

I don’t subscribe to a particular religion but am a spiritual person.  I won’t get into my specific beliefs here because everyone has a right to live as they choose and not be subjected to unwanted proselytizing from the likes of me.  For me, acquiring belief in a power greater than myself and the awareness of my connection to that power has brought peace to my life and transformed my relationships with other people.  I see that power at work in every aspect of my life and it opens me to see opportunities that I would miss if I weren’t … Continue reading Peace and Ponzu Pork Tenderloin